Monday, September 12, 2011

Pine and Dogwood Trees

More Plein Air Fun

I spent two glorious hours today painting this Pine and Dogwood. Henry sat around chewing on the last of the summer grass and lounging in the shade. Painting on location is so much harder than studio work that it takes me some time to become adjusted to it each fall.

My neighborhood has a lot of pine trees and hardwoods. In the late fall, the hickorys turn to rich deep yellow. The Dogwoods and Sycamores are the first to put on their fall coats. I'm watching the Dogwoods turn from green to orange and yellow this week., The one in the field always turns first and then the ones in the yard. It is a feast of color I look forward to each fall. I am determined to take advantage of this lovely color and paint it every week until it is over.

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