Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A beautiful sight

Notes From My Tree Journal

Today on my way home from my loft studio I saw a beautiful sight.  It had been raining and was quite dark in the sky, that slate blue color of impending storm. The sun came out suddenly and cut the trees in half. The tops were brilliant yellow and the bottoms dark cool green. It was awesome. One of my greatest interests is the afternoon light on trees. I am fascinated by this and have been practicing whenever I can.  I can't wait to get through with the commission, the art show this weekend and the paint out, so I can get back to my studies of light on trees.


  1. Such a dramatic survivor! Careful not to rush away all these fun things you have lined up. Yes it will be nice to have time for what's really pulling at your spirit, those amazing sunlit trees. But in the meantime, best of luck with the art show and paint-out.

  2. Thanks Susan. The paint out and art show are about money and PR. The painting time is about joy.