Saturday, October 26, 2013

Commission almost done

Close up of the commission grasses

Notes From the Loft Studio

Today my collectors came in to view their painting. They liked the painting but wanted a bit more variety and flowers in the grasses which I did this afternoon.  When I get back to the studio on Wednesday, I'll turn the painting upside down and paint the bottom edge. This is an extra deep gallery wrap canvas with edges of 2.5 inches deep. I am continuing the painting around the edges for a seemless finish. 

Next Saturday they will do the final viewing and my dealer will deliver and install the painting in their home. Yay! These collectors are very nice people and have been very easy to work with. I am very grateful to them. 

My dealer told me today that last night someone inquired about a 40x60 commission of one of my small paintings, so fingers crossed that they will committ to a painting. That seems to be a trend for me now, that people want large versions, inspired by my current paintings in the studio. I don't mind. I love to paint. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Update on the Tree Commission

36 x 61 inches
Oil on canvas

I'm ready to show this painting to my collectors, hoping they will be pleased. I only have the bottom edge to paint, after the other edges are dry. I love hanging big paintings on the featured wall at my studio. My collectors will look at it tomorrow. I really love painting big trees.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Let the tree commission begin!

Notes From My Tree Painting Journal

The above canvas and small painting are the beginning to my next tree commission. I took my collectors ideas down in notes, then did 3 small oil paintings to show them. The above painting suited their desires. Now I will begin the real painting this weekend. There is no real deadline so that helps me to wander through the painting without pressure. I hope to complete the painting by the end of November. The painting will have more of the tree canopy and more detail.