Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Yard III

Notes From My Tree Journal

I slipped Henry's leash over a short branch of a pine tree. He settled in for a long nap in the tall grass. He is used to these painting sessions and is quite patient and well behaved.

My subject today was the first Dogwood tree who turns orange and red every year. For some reason it always steps up to fall first, even before the Sycamore Tree begins to lose it's huge gorgeous leaves.  There are three or four other Dogwoods scattered around the field and the yard, but they prefer to take their time in changing to Autumn.

It was partly cloudy today, so I did not have the sweet light that comes in late afternoon. I struggled along. Painting out in the field is so much more difficult for me than in the studio. I have time to compose well in studio and I don't make careless mistakes. Making a good painting on location is to be celebrated.  I will need to touch this one up in the loft studio tomorrow. I ran out of time and light...

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