Saturday, September 3, 2011

Notes From My Tree Journal

30x30 inches
acrylic on Birch panel

Notes From MY Tree Journal

For a long time, I put far too much texture in my tree canopies. I finally learned that less is more when it comes to the canopy structure of trees. I learned to look at masses instead of individual leaves,putting more texture in the branches and canopy that comes forward closest to me. This gives more of a 3 D image without overdeveloping them. I look for the light source angle, the cool shadows and warm highlights on the tree, as well as the ambient light which reflects lots of other colors into the canopy. I study light and atmosphere when I paint trees.


  1. You are such a pro at painting trees and landscapes. This painting is just beautiful. It's so nice to see you saving the landscapes on canvas before they are all covered with development.

  2. Thank you so much Vernita. Recording the Florida landscape and it's trees is one of the main missions in my career. We may soon have nothing but paintings and photographs to remember them by.