Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A simple Palette

Notes From My Tree Painting Journal
Lately, I've been fooling around with a more subtle, less saturated palette for painting. I used it for this painting, using a bit of gray in the greens and blues for scenes.  In the last year or two I have been painting trees in this field a lot. The trees are nicely spaced and shaped in interesting ways rather than the classic central trunks I often see. The clouds have been spectacular too in the last month or two.
In this painting, I used Ivory black and lemon yellow for the green in the largest tree, with more of a black bias in the green and the moss. There was a bit of cad orange in the moss gray as well. As the scene recedes, I began to use blue in the greens mixtures biasing the mix to further blue as the trees went back, until the back row has almost no yellow in it. it was my 5 color palette and easy to achieve harmony and balance in the color for the painting.

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