Saturday, March 8, 2014

Painting Pine Trees

 Notes From My Tree Journal

I spent Sunday-Thursday this week painting in the pine woods at Wekiva State Park. I am here for the annual paint out, sponsored by Wekiva Island, bless their good hearts. This is a wonderful opportunity to study the design of pine trees. I did not try to do realist interpretation of the trees, instead focusing on their elemental design, so these are interpretive. Anytime I can focus on trees for 5 days uninterrupted, I am pleased. I did 13 pine paintings in sizes, 5x7,6x8,9x12,12x12,12x16. I worked in all weather condition from sun, partly cloudy, overcast, and rain, so it was a great opportunity to alter my palette as well through the five days. A rare time of focus and discovery here at Wekiva.

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