Monday, January 13, 2014

Testing New Panels

Citrus Tree
oil on gatorboard panel
Notes From My Tree Painting Journal
A few months ago one of my sponsors, French Canvas, sent me some nice panels made of a gatorboard substrate, covered with canvas. They are light weight and quite sturdy with a very good painting surface. I quite like them. They are ideal for plein air work because they are light and easily carried in bulk. It took me awhile to get the time to test them and I'm glad I did. I will be getting some more soon and I hope he will offer them in linen too. This supplier makes an excellent stretched canvas as well. I use this company for all of my commissioned paintings because I know I can rely on Rob for all of my canvas needs. He often makes custom sizes for me with various canvas weights and depths as well. I have done two paintings on the gatorboards so far and the canvas worked beautifully. I'll show you the other painting soon. The size he sent for me to test was 12x12.

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