Saturday, December 14, 2013

Red Cedar

Red Cedar at Little Talbot Island
9x12 inched
Oil on canvas

Demo in front of my studio

Notes From My Tree Painting Journal

I've recently started doing 2 hour tree painting demos on the sidewalk in front of my studio. It is a lot of fun and I meet lots of people who enjoy watching. I turn on my IPad radio app and listen to Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong while I paint. I use the reference photos I have on my photo app for the paintings. People really enjoy it and I like the challenge of having busy people stopping to watch for awhile. 

As you probably know, I am a big Red Cedar fan. I find them very challenging to paint. They are lovely wild trees on the coast where I usually find them. They are often twisted by the rain so the trunks bleach out. The canopy is often pushed away from the constant wind. The canopy is a rich green, highlighted in the sun with cool yellows. The fine needles point in all kinds of layers and directions. Great painting fun and frustration at the same time. 

Just a yummy, beautiful specimen in the family of our beloved trees. 

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