Friday, November 15, 2013

More Tree Painting

Notes From My Tree Painting Journal

I been busy painting trees in November. I started with a giant Live Oak Tree commission in October, finishing it up just in time to start the above painting about ten days ago. I've been able to get out to Fish Prairie for about two weeks now to see it transition from summer to fall. It is a glorious place for me and I spend many happy hours there in fall and winter. Spring and summer are hazardous due to snakes and swarms of Mosquitos. 

Two weeks ago the yellow wildflowers were in profusion on the prairie. I do a large painting of this prairie once a year as a joyful mission. This year I chose fall instead of winter, as I wanted to include the wildflowers and rich color before everything turns either gray or green for winter. 

This is a sapling prairie, not flat and vast like others in this area. It is small and full of small cypress, Hickory and Bay trees, as well as cabbage palms and a number of Palmettoes, so there is no shortage of interesting small trees. The owner of Fair Oaks has thoughtfully carved paths through the prairie so I can navigate pretty easily through the prairie in a golf cart. 

This is kind of a wonderful secret place for me. Whenever I want to have a quiet place to explore and watch the birds or paint, I go to Fish Prairie. It is rimmed by privately owned farms so there are no tourists roaming around. I love it so much!

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