Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Serenity Oak 3

Notes From My Tree Painting Journal

It took me about a month to do this painting, working on it for a couple of hours at a time when I was at Fair Oaks on Sundays. I am here for a week, so I have been able to focus my time on painting upstairs in the studio for several hours a day. This is the third painting of this particular tree. It is a difficult tree to paint. There are many overlapping sections of the trunk and it has split into two sections as they are want to do in their great age. It is a mammoth tree.  I think this is the most successful of the three paintings, though I like the other two as well.

I used the following palette for the trunks and limbs:

Raw Umber
Trans Red Iron Oxide
Ivory Black
Zinc White
Cad Orange

For the canopy and grasses:

Cad Lemon Yellow
Trans Red Iron Oxide
Cad Orange
Sap Green- I use Daniel Green Sap Green. it is unique and much cooler and deeper than other brands of Sap Green
Thalo Blue
Titanium White

The painting is 20x24 inches, oil on canvas.

Today I will start a new tree painting.

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