Tuesday, November 27, 2012

40x60 Tree, Work in Progress Stage 5

Notes From My Tree Painting Journal

I'm checking in with stage 5 of the giant tree painting, 40x60 inches. It is coming along now fairly quickly. it still needs about 2 sessions I think. I'll be working on it again on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Working on a large oil painting takes a lot of time. There is a fair amount of tweaking to be done. I try to move around the painting a lot, doing small corrections as I go. Today I worked on the back atmospheric areas behind the trees, adding bits of light here and there in the grasses behind the trees. I extended the trunk of the bare tree further down in the foreground to correct the intervals between trees. I added a distant tree on the far left to balance the composition too. I'm having fun. It is quite impressive in it's large size. The photo doesn't do it justice.

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