Friday, September 28, 2012

Painting Masses of Trees

Notes From My Tree Painting Journal

Though I paint a lot of single trees, I also love to paint masses of trees. More difficult to me. Massed trees behave differently. They tend to fight for space. Here in Florida I notice that there is a dark rich value to the lower areas of massed trees. The tops fight for the sun and late in the day the light bounces around the edges and the tops creating bands of ochre and orange along the tops. You have this wonderful combination of deep cool green gradually becoming very warm and light in bands across the top. In the winter months I see lots of red in the trunks as well as purple and blue.The color palette in Florida during the winter is lush and subtle. WONDERFUL!!!

I'm teaching a plein air workshop in February of 2013 during the best part of the winter tree palette season here in north Florida. HERE I have nine spaces left.


  1. This is a very beautiful painting. Thank you for the hint of advice about colour palette for the lower areas of the tree.

  2. Thank you Kate. happy painting.