Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Palette

Notes From My Tree Painting Journal

I've switched over to my summer palette this week which I will use through September.  I like to adjust my palette at least twice a year. They are never more than 7 colors and often five or six. Lots of people think that Florida never changes with the seasons but north Florida definitely has seasonal changes. Many of them are subtle and the kinds of changes that the average viewer would not notice. I can always tell a person who understands the land when they walk into the studio because the get so excited in viewing paintings about the real Florida, not the tourist Florida. 

These are Red Cedars at Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge on the east coast of Florida. It is a vast land with a large diverse plant and wildlife population. I love going there to explore.


  1. Amazing painting. I love the black and dark blue used to simply shade the inners of everything in the scene. Simply beautiful. Is it up for sale?

    -Tony Salmeron

  2. Hi Tony,
    Thank you so much for commenting. I appreciate your kind words. Yes, it is available at this site: