Friday, March 2, 2012

Live Oak Light

Notes From My Tree Journal

I will sometimes do a second painting of a theme because I have learned some things after the first painting. This is a second version of a painting I did a few months ago. It sold, so it seemed a good time to tackle the subject again. 

I like this second painting in a different way from the first one. The first was an intense painting with dark blue background and bright intense yellow in the foliage.  I had seen that phenomenon on the way home from my studio one day and was keen on trying to get it. It was a unique painting and the owners love it but I really wanted to approach it quite differently this time, pitting the neutral blue gray sky against a more subtle tree canopy color and light. The field is more successful in this version to me.

I learned some things about grasses on my last residency, by painting out on the prairie. I also learned some about more successful tree foliage color. There is nothing like field study to improve your landscape work. It's not so much about the painting as it is about the careful observation of light.

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