Friday, February 3, 2012

The Next Red Cedar

Notes From my Tree Journal

This is my second painting from my studies of glazing methods. Tomorrow I will work on canvas with this method to see what happens with that.  I find this to be interesting, but it's early in my study of the process, so I have not decided whether to include this in my tool box of technique or not.

 The pros include:

 a more luminous quality to the paint surface

soft edge work

easier to do than opaque acrylic process

Faster than opaque method, as there is less need for tight brush work. Having said that, painters who like tight rendering and detail would have to work much more to get that with this method.

The Cons include:

A less impressive brush quality

Fairly weak edge work where you really need to have a crisp clean edge

Contrast is more difficult in the high key values, in other words weak lights and poorer contrast. For painters who like the middle range of values this method is an asset.

It is much too early for conclusions, so I must do more research and improve my skill with the technique.


  1. Is this an oil or acrylic technique?

  2. This is an acrylic technique, but my years as an oil painter, playing with glazing made this easier to do. Thanks Terri.