Thursday, January 19, 2012

Red Cedar at Merritt Island National Wildlife Preserve

Notes From My Tree Journal

I got the time to finish this painting today in the studio. These Red Cedars were especially lovely at Merritt Island Wildlife Preserve. Because of the harsh climate, many of them are missing large parts of their canopy, exposing the beautiful trunks and limbs. They have much more character than the cedars that grow in my neighborhood. They have a wild and interesting growth. Lots of them have broken off limbs. I suppose they are whipped around a lot during coastal storms. They look quite old.

I used the following palette for the painting:

cadmium red light
cadmium orange
yellow ochre
lemon yellow
ultramarine blue
thalo blue
titanium white
mars black


  1. wow.. lovely tree :)
    Also interesting to read notes from your tree journal.
    wish you all the best from Pakistan! :)

  2. Thank you so much Sana. Nice to meet another tree painter.