Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wekiva Trees

Notes From my Tree Journal

Wekiva State Park is a favorite place for me to paint. I get to go for a week each year and live in the park. There is something special about living in the wilderness. I'm the kind of painter who likes to return to a place over and over again to paint.  I have painted there for about 7 years and will be going in March of 2012 again. It took me two or three years to get a feel for  the land and the trees there. Now I look forward to the trip, anticipating the kinds of scenes I want to paint. I love the tall stands of pines as well as the tall palms and ancient oak trees along the path to Lake is the kind of event where I have all day long to paint where I wish to with no real pressure or schedules to worry about. There are a few activities, but most of the time I get to stay in the park and back pack around with my gear. There are a lot of dead trees scattered here and there which I also enjoy painting.


  1. Linda, I hope you don't mind me asking, but what sort of gear do you take with you when you go out painting plein air? Do you bother with an easel? How big a canvas would you cart around with you? Would it depend how far you have to walk to get to your site?

    Do you take photographs so you can continue working on the painting in studio later, or do you do it all on site in one sitting? Do you tend to work oil or acrylic when painting on site?

    These are all things I'm curious about and would love to know as a couple of my artistic friends and I are tempted to try painting out and about. I'm fortunate enough to live right near a beautiful national park. :-)

    Thanks once again for sharing such a beautiful painting with us, I love your use of light and shade here!

  2. Hi Kate,
    I answered your questions in today's post. Thanks for asking.